Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hey batter, batter...

Book club for the month of May was at Kristen's house (her very beautiful house, with hilly tree views, painted white brick fireplace and fabulous wood floors!)

So, besides the comfortable setting, the spread was amazing. Kristen went all out with white bagged cracker jacks and peanuts, mini hot dogs, pizza, caramel apples, and coolers of root beer and water. Everything was surrounded by old baseballs, gloves, books, and photos. It was so clever and well done. Thank you, Kristen for all the effort and attention to detail. I appreciate that!

Discussion over the book was enlightening. The majority thought this was a good book (I had a hard time with it -lack of interest in following sporting teams and politics has a lot to do with that-) But all of us had a favorite quote, which we shared...leading the topics of discussion to range from "why don't our children call adults by their titles of Mrs. or Ms., but rather by first names?" to allowing our children time to be kids and giving them the opportunities to fail and lose (for their own good!). It was an enjoyable night. Thank you to Kristen,again, for being our gracious hostess.

Chari brought us a few book choices and we ended up picking "Peace Like a River" by Leif Enger (which I do believe was her master plan for us!) We will meet on June 23rd at Chari's home to discuss. Enjoy this book! It's a good one!

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