Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I am a few months behind, but here I am now, updating, playing catch up, repenting...whatever you want to call it.

Last month we met at Mandy's home for a discussion about the book Sarah's Key. By hearsay, I know that it was fantastically wonderful (no surprise there! Mandy always throws a great party). Many attended (I think Mandy said 14! Wow!!) Sorry that I can't elaborate, I was sick that night and was probably lying in bed, dreaming of book club with Vick's smeared under my nose. But, thank you Mandy for hosting and for suggesting such a great book. I loved that one!

April book club was hosted by Melissa C. The book we discussed was The History of Love (which we all decided looks fabulous on our nightstands with it's gentle soothing aqua cover). We talked about the in's and out's of this great book, which held mystery and love, childhood and old age. It was beautifully written and clever. I think a lot of us came away with the desire to re-read this one with a new perspective. I know I did. On to more important matters: the food. What a spread Melissa laid before us. Apples with honey, pastries, trail mix, water, lemonade, sandwiches, soup, baklava (I probably forgot a few other things, but you get the picture....smorgasbord!) Everything was delicious and presented so beautifully. Mandy brought the soup and it was so good. Thanks to Mandy for her contribution. Thanks to Melissa for going over the top, the extra mile, above and get it. It was amazing.

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, May 26th at Kristen's home. We will be reading and discussing "Big Russ" by Tim Russert. See you there.

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