Saturday, August 29, 2009

Who Did It?

Book club for August was at Peggy's house and she made it a night to remember! We read The Conspiracy of Paper by David Liss. About half of us finished the book (not me...only got halfway's a harder book to get into and read...but I'm still plugging along...and enjoying it...)

Peg had so much good food for us to enjoy. Chips and salsa, fresh fruit, baked brie with nuts and brown sugar, crackers, fondue and fruit, cheesecake, all sorts of fancy drinks to choose from....amazing. Everything was delicious and beautifully presented (thanks Bonny for helping her out with set up!)

Discussion about the book was light and interesting. Most seemed to like the book, but not love it.

Our next book will be The Alchemist by Paulo Cohelo and it will be at Simone's home on September 22nd. Brazilian food will be served and bikinis are optional. Just kidding. Betty and Shauna will co-host in October and we will read The Gurnsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows.

My Antonia and a Sunflower

I'm behind. I'm sorry. I get the feeling that no one is checking the blog. That no one is reading the rambling. That it is pointless to keep posting the goings-on. Then Betty will ask me about it...and I am accountable. Thanks Betty.

So, here we go. July's book club meeting was at Janice's home. Of course expectations went through the roof and we were not disappointed. Janice is the Queen of detail. It started with a little invite of chocolate covered sunflower seeds in a small clear plastic bag with a cardstock note attached telling date and time (oh, and by the way, she sewed the top of each card with a star cute!)...the invite was accompanied by a question about the book on cardstock that had a cute little fabric yo-yo flower attached to it.

When we arrived, there were sunflowers everywhere and good smells coming from the kitchen. (Little did we know what was coming!) Food was wonderful. We had fresh watermelon, mini cheese balls in baked Tostito cups and special Bohemian pastries (mentioned in the book....she had them overnighted from Texas! What?!) There was sunflower shaped sugar cookies and cold milk and refreshing water to drink.

Each person who had taken a question led a part of the discussion and Janice had a quiz for us with prizes for those who did well. She also had a drawing...for those of us who did not do so well on the quiz! She raffled off some potted sunflowers and sent each of us home with a special handmade bookmark. It was amazing and wonderful and I am so thankful to know Janice and to be a part of her greatness! Thank you Janice for being shockingly detailed and simply ASTONISHING! We love you!

Our next book will be a murder mystery. The Conspiracy of Paper by David Liss.