Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Muy Interesante

Book club last night was very interesting.

First of all, let me thank Jill Adams for hosting it in her home and providing wonderful, artistic treats. So good. Another positive...a couple of new girls in the mix...Susan and Laura. So nice to have you. One more enjoyable moment...Tobey tormenting Melissa...Janice...Cia...

Now..."on with the show!" There has been some concern with the content of books that have been chosen. I feel like this was very inhibiting to the discussion of the book last night. Many people seemed not to voice opinions (out of fear?), due to the like/dislike voiced by others. Solution?

We agreed that books will have to be previewed in the future by those recommending them. Fine. However, if you do not like the content of the book, follow Bonnie's example; close the book, go on with your life, come to book club and say that you didn't like that book. You're allowed not to like's okay. Thanks Bonnie.

I personally liked the book. I won't house it on my bookshelf. I didn't love it. It wasn't my favorite book ever, in fact it will probably get sold at the next garage sale I host, but I thought the writer did a great job of storytelling. Also, as we discussed in book club, she wrote from a male perspective very convincingly. The flashbacks were great. The old man was grouchy and determined and hilarious. The things that go on in a circus are horrific and disgusting (glad that I'm not a circus worker). That's about the gist of it for last night. Like I said...inhibited conversation.

The next book we will be reading (or not...your choice) is The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd. Here is a little blurb that may spark your interest:

Set in the American South in 1964, the year of the Civil Rights Act and intensifying racial unrest, Sue Monk Kidd's The Secret Life of Bees is a powerful story of coming-of-age, of the ability of love to transform our lives, and the often unacknowledged longing for the universal feminine divine. Addressing the wounds of loss, betrayal, and the scarcity of love, Kidd demonstrates the power of women coming together to heal those wounds, to mother each other and themselves, and to create a sanctuary of true family and home.

Book club will be hosted at Peggy's house on Tuesday, May 27th at 7 pm. Happy reading. Happy lives. Happy women. That's what it's all about.