Wednesday, March 2, 2011's the magic number...

I seem to be posting about four months back consistently. Here is another re-cap of the last four months of book club 'goings-on.'

In October I hosted the book club for Ella Minnow Pea...a grammatically-based novel about a fictitious island off the east coast. The book was challenging to read for most of us as the first half included rarely used and difficult words, while the second half of the book was missing most of the letters of the alphabet. Interesting to decipher. I served split pea soup, fresh baked rolls, dulce de leche apple pie, caramel popcorn and warm buttered cider. The fire was lit and we had a great discussion. It was a nice night.

November/December book club was hosted by Kristen, for Mother Theresa's book No Greater Love, and it was a wonderful night. Kristen was prepared with a beautiful spread of food for us to choose from, savory and sweet alike....for me, the highlight was the hot chocolate. It was warm and creamy....we will need to get that recipe. Kristen was also prepared with extra information about Mother Theresa. We all shared favorite quotes and talked about how we can become better people, mothers and citizens. Uplifting, to say the least.

January book club was hosted by Peggy, for A Study in Valor. This was BY FAR our best attended book we had Clarence Bramley (the 'main character' in the book) as our guest. Peggy went all out with food and desserts (the cake balls were ah-maze-ing). Brother Bramley was a real live hero who, repeatedly bore his testimony, raising the spirits of all in attendance. Personally this was one of my favorite book club nights.

February brought us over to Mary Lou's, diner. Mary Lou had so many different types of food for us to pick from...clam chowder, delicious drinks, fresh fruit, apple pie and red velvet cake. We couldn't stop chatting amongst ourselves to even discuss the book, The Rescue by Nicolas Sparks. But...overall, the book was typical Sparks...with way too much drama, predictability and romance...but on the up side, we all agreed that it was an easy read that required little brain power or general investment. A welcome relief after the 'heavy' book of January. We all enjoyed ourselves immensely and left feeling like we had a 'night away.'

Coming up...

March's book is The Art of Racing in the Rain and will be hosted by Cari. Dogs are welcome to join. Just kidding.

April will find us reading Black Heels and Tractor Wheels and will be joint-hosted by Shauna and Kelci at Kelci's home.

May's book will be Someone Knows My Name and will be graciously hosted by Lorraine.

Happy reading.