Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mao, Movie, Menagerie, Murder....

That was a feat, I tell you. Trying to find a word that begins with the letter "m" to identify each of the past FOUR months of book club. I have to say "I'm sorry" to all my millions of devoted readers out there, for my lack in posting. Alas, I have moved again and with that comes some kind of insanity....not leaving time for things like blog updates and hours spent at computers, thinking of clever words to entertain and inform.

So here it is, my attempt to update you on the book club goings on. In June we met at Diana's home to discuss Mao's Last Dancer, a non-fiction read about General Mao and the young children who danced in his school, Chinese communism, American immigration and general cultural differences. Diana had a lovely little tea set for us to sip warm herbal from and sweet potato chips that represented a sad part of the book.

In July, Peggy hosted a Book Club movie night at her home. We were entertained by "The Secret Life of Bees" movie and Peg made an array of different popcorns....that I hear were wonderful. I was unable to attend, but I heard that Keiko mixed the sweet and savory popcorn and is still talking about it! Must have been delicious.

In August, we met at the Kirsten's home to discuss Cheaper By The Dozen. This endearing classic features a menagerie of 12 children and the parents' amazing story of how they raised them. Karen helped Kirsten with the food and the room was full of women discussing the efficiency of the home life. This was an easy and quick read. Kirsten also had a quiz for us to take and Morse code on the walls. Very clever.

September's meeting was hosted by Chari and we came together to discuss The Persian Pickle Club. This book was a quiet and simple story that takes place in the countryside in Harveyville, Kansas during the depression...but don't be fooled by the its quilted exterior, there just so happens to be a murder involved. Chari had a quilting block up and a 'persian pickle' pattern on the fabric that was stretched across the beams (ie. paisley). Peg taught us Beverly's way to tie a quilt and we all helped put a knot or two on the blocks as we discussed the book. Chari had rhubarb pie in honor of Queenie's swiss chard mishap from the book. We tied two quilts that will go to two sisters in our ward who are having little ones this year.

Now for the up and coming. I will host in October. We will be reading Ella Minnow Pea by Mark Dunn and our meeting will be on October 26th at 7 pm.

Kristen will host on December 7th and we will read No Greater Love by Mother Teresa.

Peggy will host in January and our book will be A Study in Valor (Come see a special guest speaker! Peggy is ordering in bulk off Amazon, call her to secure your copy).

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