Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Alchemy and Potato Peel Pie

Alchemy and Potato Peel Pie, they go together, right? Well, if they don't they are going to be forced to co-exist in this post. Life has gotten more crazy with school starting (three kids in should have given me MORE time, right? Not so.) and a new church calling filling up many of my hours....alas I have gotten behind yet again. So here we go. Recap.

Our September book club meeting was held at Simone's home and I am still mentally savoring the delicious Brazilian delicacies that came from that woman's kitchen. Let me just say....sweetened condensed milk. Oh....heavenly goodness. Simone went out of her way preparing food from her homeland and i (no, we) appreciated it so much. Thank you, Simone.

On a side note (that is how the book discussion felt, after the food!), the book, The Alchemist, by Paulo Cohelo was discussed and got...oh, probably a 50% approval rating. Some seemed to feel that it did not end properly, or there was confusion about the general story/moral of the book. Those who did like it, seemed to rave and maybe...just maybe...convinced the non-believers that this was a book worth reading...and owning. Let's just say it drew a different crowd (Tom and Paul). All in all, my memories of this book club night were filled with sweetness. I'm not sure if that was the sweetened condensed milk, or Simone's hospitality or just being together with good friends discussing books and life. Probably the whole mix.

October meeting was at Betty Richardson's home with her co-host, Shauna Orton. Again, I must start with the food. A savory sweet potato dish, sweet potato fries, hummus, chocolate "pringles-shaped" chips, apple cider, and more....oh, note to self..."don't eat on book club Tuesday...food too good to pass up." So delicious.

Discussion ranged from the Nazi's taking over Gurnsey island to the lost art of letter writing. Questions like, "Would you send your children off the island for an undetermined amount of time for their own safety?" were posed. It was a very interesting discussion. A great night. (A windy night, if you remember....howling wind blowing outside as we all sat warm and toasty inside Betty's beautiful home). Thanks to Shauna (for baking and keeping us on track with the discussion) and to Betty for offering her home, hospitality....and hummus.

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