Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I am running behind, but that just seems to go along with this time of year, doesn't it?! Okay, first things first...THANK YOU to Bonnie for Hosting in October for The Last Lecture discussion. Of course the food was delish and the commentary on the book was teary and heartfelt. It was a great evening.

Second, THANK YOU to Lorraine for hosting last night for Tallgrass. Again, great food. (I am salivating over the mere thought of the apple pie). Lorraine also had a few questions to pose, accompanied by adorable gifts for those of us who remembered the details. I think the consensus for this book was positive. We talked until after nine and left with full bellies and happy hearts.

Housekeeping. We did talk about what to read next and came to a decision. We will read Marley & Me for a January meeting at Karalea's house (4th Tuesday at 7 pm). We also decided for February we would read A Town Like Alice and Mary Lou will host. Enjoy your holidays. See you in January.

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Howard D said...

Anybody read "My Lobotomy"?

Howard Dully