Sunday, August 3, 2008

Susan's Amish Extravaganza

I have been lackadaisical this last month on keeping the blog updated...mostly thinking that no one checks in on it. But for those of you who may check every now and again, here we go again!!

Book club in July was wonderful. Susan hosted the book The Covenant, by Beverly Lewis and she had a FULL house! Special welcome to Amy and Melissa, first-timers. Susan had a beautiful spread of food; cheese and crackers, peach cake, apple tart, fresh jam and homemade bread, and our new favorite water spiked with fruit and rosemary. It was amazing and tastefully done. We discussed this great book and general Amish culture, touching on similarities we shared with them and also the few things that seemed strange and shocking to us (wild teenage years!! with mom and dad turning the other cheek!)

We also discussed the next book choice and had some wonderful suggestions from all corners of the room...ranging from church books to classics and non-fiction. We settled on Three Cups of Tea, the story of Greg Mortensen for August, which will be hosted by Cia. We also decided that some of us would love to read One Tattered Angel by Blaine Yorgason. Oh, and for those of you who are feeling extra ambitious and want to skip ahead, we will be reading Custom of the Country in September, per Melissa's request. Apparently it is a "classic." I'm excited to expand...aren't you?

That is all for now. I am so thankful for the beautiful, intelligent women who come each month and hope that more will join us. It is always an enriching, fun evening and I can't imagine missing it!! Happy reading everyone!!

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