Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Yet Again

Last night's book club was wonderful. It was lovely to have smart women in my home and noisy children elsewhere for the evening (thank you so much to Kirts girls for sitting). We discussed Peony in Love by Lisa See. We talked of the protective love of a mother, the drama of teenage girls, "The Mother-in-Law" phenomenon, and the mutilating things women do for beauty (both here and in other cultures). It was so wonderful. Thank you to all who took the time from their busy lives to come. As the hostess, you try your best to make it a nice evening and at the last minute, after candles are lit and music is on, you think, "I hope someone shows up!" So, thank you all for coming.

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Janice said...

Thank you so much for such a wonderful evening. You are an amazing hostess--it's in the details! Love Love Love! What a memorable evening. Many thanks for maintaining such an informative and fun Blog!